Famous Purple People Eater™ & Other Novelty Songs by Sheb Wooley™

Dance to the rhythm of novelty songs written by Sheb Wooley™ in Hendersonville, Tennessee. He wrote the song Purple People Eater™ which reached number one on the Billboard pop charts. This single sold more than three million copies in  only weeks of being released in the late 1950s and to date has accumulated sales nearing one hundred million records.

More about the Purple People Eater™

This song is about a strange monster that descended to Earth, because it wants to be in a rock 'n' roll band. The strange monster is described as a one-eyed and one-horned flying purple people eater. The premise of the song came from a joke told by the child of Wooley's friend. He finished composing the song in an hour.

Other Songs

Hello Walls No. 2 went Top 30 in 1963, followed by Almost Persuaded No. 2 that went all the way to number six in 1966. This gave Wooley the second-biggest country hit of his career. Additionally, his repertory included traditional country music and hillbilly tunes. Due to his demanding acting commitments, however, Wooley failed to record the song Don't Go Near the Indians, which was instead cut by Rex Allen for a significant hit in 1962. Because of his penchant for comedy, he was tapped as a staff songwriter and regular performer for the television series Hee Haw which debuted  in 1969.  Wooley wrote the HEE HAW Theme song as well.

The Wilhelm Scream

This overdubbed "scream "sound was first used in 1951 in one of Wooley's earlier films, Distant Drums.From that time until today Wooley's "scream"  gained new popularity after it was used all of the future Speilberg, George Lucas, and Quinton Tarrantino films  including:all of the Star Wars films,  and other films that include all of the Indiana Jones and the sequels, television programs, and video games.

Purple People Eater - Purple People Eater

Sheb Wooley - Purple People Eater
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