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This website based in Hendersonville, Tennessee, provides comprehensive information about the late character actor Sheb Wooley™ and his valuable contributions to the film and music industry. His music career catapulted after the release of his novelty hit Purple People Eater™. After his successful release, he became very popular in various major films and television series.Sheb Wooley™toured and performed in concert his entire career slowing down only a few years prior to losing his battle with Leukemia. Some of his final Personal appearances were to benefit The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.


Sheb Wooley™ was born on a ranch in Erick, Oklahoma, where he learned to ride horses at a young age. As he reached his teenage years, he eventually became a rodeo rider in the circuit. During World War II, he was turned down for military service because of his rodeo injuries. He then worked as a welder in the oil industry all the while building on his music career

 In 1946, he moved to Fort Worth, Texas, and began working full time  as a country and Western musician and toured the USA with his band, SHEB WOOLEY™ and The CALUMET INDIANS™..then onto Hollywood and his movie career took off with the major film ROCKY MOUNTAIN in which he co-starred with ERROL FLYNN.


Sheb Wooley’s™ Alter Ego, Ben Colder™

Later in the 1960s, Sheb Wooley™ also developed a drunken comic persona named Ben Colder™, which he used specifically for recording parodies of country hits. He even recorded a parody called Don't Go Near the Eskimos, and released its name (other choices reportedly included Ben Freezin, and Klon Dyke). It reached the Top 20 on the country charts, so he decided to keep returning to his new comic persona on a regular basis.

Ben Colder™ had a few more chart singles through the '60s, including Harper Valley P.T.A. (Later That Same Day) and Little Green Apples No. 2 while he continued to release albums via MGM™ for 29 years . Sheb then began marketing his own records via television and sold millions of his SHEB WOOLEY or is it BEN COLDER hits. Wooley toured, made movies and released his own records and in 1996 making a new comeback by recording  a parody of the Billy Ray Cyrus hit Achey Breaky Heart ( Sheb;s parody hit was SHAKEY BREAKY CAR). 


Sheb Wooley as Ben Colder - Character Actor

 ca Ben Colder Jacket - Character Actor

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